CR2430 Battery
CR2430 Battery

About the CR2430 Battery
The CR2430 button cell battery is a 3 volt battery with the following specifications:
CRLithium/manganese dioxide chemistry
24.5mm diameter
3.0mm height 

Equivalent Battery Names
The following battery names are common compatible names used by different companies:
DL2430, BR2430, KL2430, L2430, ECR2430, 5011LC, L20, KCR2430, E-CR2430, KECR2430, LF1/2W

Where to Buy CR2430 Batteries
You can find these batteries in most department, grocery, and drug stores in brand names such as Energizer.  However, you can same some money buying them online in generic form.  They will perform just as well.

Battery Capacity
The capacity of the CR2430 battery is 290 mAh.

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